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Brittney Poolaw, a 21-year-old member of Comanche Nation, has been imprisoned for more than a year after suffering a miscarriage between 15-17 weeks. This case in Oklahoma is an example of how pregnancy-based prosecutions are tragic and unfair, and typically brought against low-income women, drug-using women, women of color, and women living HIV.
New Jersey Attorney General Seal
Today, the Attorney General of New Jersey took an important step towards decriminalizing sexual activity by people living with PLHIV, announcing guidance to state prosecutors regarding the enforcement of New Jersey's HIV criminal law, which outlaws the sexual relationships of PLHIV.
CNP HIV Criminalization Roundtable

The Counter Narrative Project hosted it's Revolutionary Health Live 2021 HIV Criminalization Roundtable on September 22, 2021. CNP's Michael Ward moderated this panel featuring Amir Sadeghi, CHLP National Policy and Partner Strategist; Robert Suttle, SERO Project, and: Brad Sears, Williams Institute. The panel discussed the latest news on efforts to modernize HIV criminal laws around the country.


Lauren Fanning, former CHLP Senior Community Outreach Specialist for the Positive Justice Project and long-time HIV advocate from Washington state is remembered by her colleagues for being a dedicated, compassionate, and driven activist.
CHLP's Jada Hicks, Supervising Attorney for Criminal Justice Initiatives, talks with about laws that criminalize HIV and hepatitis, how they contradict science, are overly harsh and how to reform them.


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