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It was 70 years ago today that the UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This document established the equal value and worth of every person in the world by championing the values of equality, justice, and human dignity. Those principles are just as relevant today; and now, as then, we must stand up for our rights and those of others.

On Monday, December 3, Representatives Holly Rehder and Tracey McCreery of Missouri pre-filed bills to reform the state’s HIV-specific criminal laws.

The Center for HIV Law and Policy to hire Deputy Director.
The Center for HIV Law and Policy (CHLP) is hiring a staff attorney to support its work, particularly around anticriminalization.
The Consensus Statement invites state policymakers to collaborate with the coalition in developing policy and practice that ensures youth in their care and custody receive sound, inclusive sexual health care, consistent with prevailing medical standards and legal and ethical obligations. The statement calls for additional training for residents and staff in youth congregate care and detention settings that is inclusive of youth of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions as a predicate to ending institutional violence.


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