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  1. Integrated Community Strategies for Linking Youth to Adolescent Reproductive Health Services: A Case Study, Joy Sotolongo, M.S. et al., 60 Journal of Adolescent Health 45-50 (2017).

    This article describes the development and promotion of a Teen Wellness Center (TWC)—a teen-centered, full-service clinic—intended to increase teen access to contraceptive and reproductive health care. Responding to historically high rates of teen birth i ...

    admin - 6/8/2017 2:48pm

  2. Karen M. Abram et al., Disparities in HIV/AIDS Risk Behaviors After Youth Leave Detention: A 14-Year Longitudinal Study, 139 Pediatrics 2 (2017)

    This study examines HIV/AIDS risk behaviors in delinquent youth during the 14 years after leaving juvenile detention settings, with a focus on gender and racial/ethnic differences. The study, based on 1829 subjects, sought to explain, for example, why Bla ...

    admin - 6/8/2017 2:46pm