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  1. Map: An Overview of States Criminalizing Viral Hepatitis, The Center for HIV Law and Policy (2018)

    This United States map identifies states (1) with laws that criminalize viral hepatitis; (2) the type of hepatitis criminalized; and (3) the type of behavior that is criminalized. Additionally, we note those states with laws and/or enhancements specific t ...

    admin - 4/4/2019 4:46pm

  2. Fact Sheet: Punishment is Not a Public Health Strategy: The Criminalization of Viral Hepatitis

    A fact sheet from The Center for HIV Law and Policy, Harm Reduction Coalition and the National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable on the criminalization of viral hepatitis. ...

    admin - 4/4/2019 10:19am

  3. The 2017 Modernization of California’s HIV Criminal Exposure Laws: What Did It Do, Who Will It Affect?, Center for HIV Law and Policy (2017)

    Website Analysis Box.jpg This analysis looks at the legislative modernization of California's HIV criminal laws that will take effect on January 1, 2018. These new laws are a significant victory for Californians who believe in an evenhanded applicati ...

    admin - 5/30/2019 3:38pm

  4. HIV and Viral Hepatitis Fact Sheet, Centers for Disease Control (March 2014)

    People with HIV are disproportionately affected by viral hepatitis, with about a 25% coinfection rate with hepatitis C virus (HCV) and a 10% coinfection rate with hepatitis B virus (HBV). This CDC HIV and Viral Hepatitis fact sheet provides an overview of ...

    admin - 7/14/2014 10:59am