Critical Race Theory as Theoretical Framework and Analysis Tool for Population Health Research, Critical Public Health, Louis Graham, Shelly Brown-Jeffy, Robert Aronson, Charles Stephens, 2011

Critical Public Health, Routledge | Research and Journal Articles

Published in Critical Public Health in March 2011, this article briefly summarizes a mental health study employing Critical Race Theory (CRT) and a commentary emphasizing how CRT can contribute to the sociology of mental health. It proposes ways in which CRT can be used in psychosocial health research to identify causal mechanisms that interventions can target, explore links between structural and psychological aspects of health, and highlight health inequities. The article says race is not a set notion, but instead is fluid and constantly formed and reformed by political considerations and is informed by collective lived experiences. Therefore, the article says, employing the CRT tenets in population health research will improve the quality and robustness of investigations and ultimately serve to more effectively protect and assure the health of ethnic minorities.