Criminalization of HIV Non-Disclosure, Exposure, and Transmission: Working Annotated Bibliography, Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS, Yale University (2012)

Compilations of Laws and Cases

This annotated bibliography is a compilation of select literature focusing on the ethical, public health, and legal issues related to criminalization of HIV non-disclosure, exposure, and transmission published in the last decade (2000-present). The bibliography was initially generated to support the planning of a research agenda work session organized by the Criminalization of HIV Transmission and Exposure Working Group, a multidisciplinary group convened by the Law, Policy and Ethics (LPE) Core at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS (CIRA) at Yale University. The work session was held in November 2011 in New Haven, Connecticut, and attended by participants representing academic research community, HIV/AIDS advocacy, public health, and criminal justice/legal sectors.

Relevant articles and reports are identified through a systematic examination of computerized databases including peer-reviewed journals and grey literature. Additional literature resources have also been identified through consultation with key stakeholders. The publications are sorted in four broad categories: 1) policy documents and fact sheets; 2) ethical issues; 3) empirical studies; and 4) public health/legal practice issues. While the bibliography is not a comprehensive list of the literature, it provides short summaries of key documents that demonstrate some of the complex issues and discussions relevant to criminalization of HIV non-disclosure, exposure, and transmission. This annotated bibliography is a living document and will be updated periodically.

This summary was graciously provided by Dini Harsono