Go Girl! Youth Advocacy Corps Participants to Hold Session on Branding and Social Media for Sexual Health Advocacy Campaigns


The Go Girl! program at BOOM!Health in the Bronx continues its Youth Advocacy Corps series tonight with a session on branding and social media for sexual health advocacy campaigns. Youth participants will review the plan for upcoming programming throughout the summer, including workshops on sexual and reproductive health 101, the foster care system in New York City, and advocacy skills. This evening, youth participants will learn about the importance of branding for advocacy campaigns, develop a logo for their Youth Advocacy Corps group, and begin designing social media platforms to publicize their work.  

This evening session is Tuesday, June 17, 2014 at 4pm at BOOM!Health’s Prevention Center at 953 Southern Blvd., 2nd floor, in the Bronx (6 train to Hunts Point Ave.; 2 train to Simpson St.). For more information, contact Adrian Guzman at aguzman@hivlawandpolicy.org.