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Jacob Schneider
CHLP Staff Attorney
CHLP Staff Attorney Jacob Schneider on how the COVID-19 pandemic is highlighting the urgent need to reform juvenile justice for the tens of thousands of young people involved in our juvenile justice and child protective system.
Jacob Schneider,
CHLP Staff Attorney
HIV Molecule
At a time when federal and state policies single out people with HIV for punishment, is this way of identifying sexual networks a good idea?
Amir Sadeghi
National Community Outreach Coordinator, CHLP
HIV Molecule
For National HIV Testing Day, CHLP's Amir Sadeghi talks about the importance of informed consent and growing privacy concerns about molecular surveillance.
Catherine Hanssens
CHLP Executive Director
A NY Post op-ed explains why changing NY law to permit HIV testing without even verbal notice to the patient is a very bad idea.


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