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By Kathie Hiers, CEO of AIDS Alabama and the President of the National AIDS Housing Coalition

This week the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) finally unveiled its recommendations for the use of Ryan White funding for housing. While the ability to use Ryan White funds for housing is welcome, for it to be meaningful one thing becomes painfully clear: we need more federal dollars to be invested in Ryan White.

By Heather J. Heldman, MPH, CHLP Volunteer

The National Organ Transplant Act (NOTA), a federal law passed in 1988, prohibits transplants using organs from HIV-positive donors. However, as organ transplant technology and health outcomes for people living with HIV/AIDS have improved over the past two decades, the number of HIV-positive people in the United States seeking organ transplants has also increased significantly. In response to these changes, many doctors, patients, and public health policy makers are now pushing for a reevaluation of the parts of NOTA that govern organ transplants involving people who are HIV-positive.

By Wesley Ware, LGBTQ Youth Project Director/ BreakOUT! for the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana

Our guest blogger, Wesley Ware, is the LGBTQ Youth Project Director for the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana. His post chronicles the issues facing LGBTQ youth in New Orleans and addresses the stigma and discrimination and HIV-risk that is perpetuated by a criminal justice system that should be protecting these marginalized youth but instead prosecutes them.

By: Julie Turkewitz, Housing Works

The U.S. Agency for International Development, while publicly denouncing laws that specifically criminalize HIV, has in fact financed their recent rapid dissemination across the African continent.

By: Beirne Roose-Snyder, CHLP Staff Attorney

On Friday, February 18th, the House of Representatives voted to end all funding of Title X family planning clinics including Planned Parenthood.  On the same day they voted to continue funding NASCAR.  Women's health should not be a political sport, and there will be serious consequences if this should become law.



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