Our Work

The Center for HIV Law and Policy (CHLP) is a national legal and policy resource and strategy center working to reduce the impact of HIV on vulnerable and marginalized communities and to secure the human rights of people affected by HIV.

CHLP supports and increases the advocacy power and HIV expertise of attorneys, community members, and service providers, and advances policy initiatives that are grounded in and uphold social justice, science, and the public health. We do this by providing high-quality legal and policy materials through an accessible web-based resource bank; cultivating interdisciplinary support networks of experts, activists, and professionals; and coordinating a strategic leadership hub to track and advance advocacy on critical HIV legal, health, and human rights issues.

CHLP takes a collaborative approach to the persistent problem of HIV discrimination and the shortage of trained advocates to address the problem. We serve as a back-up center and source of support to community and legal advocates across the country.

Strategic coordination and sharing of resources is a sound approach to maximizing the representation of those with HIV, allowing existing organizations to use limited resources as efficiently as possible. CHLP works with experts and community members from local direct service providers to national organizations to identify, create, and share high-quality legal and policy resources and advocacy strategies.

CHLP does not provide direct client services or legal advice. If you are looking for an attorney to provide you with legal representation or advice, please consult the Legal Assistance page in the HIV Policy Resource Bank.

The information on this site is for general information and educational purposes only, and nothing on this site should be relied upon as legal advice for any specific circumstances. If you are seeking legal representation or advice, please consult an attorney.

The Center for HIV Law and Policy is an independent project of the National Center for Civic Innovation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization created by the Fund for the City of New York, 121 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10013.