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Proposed Public Health and Public Safety Pathways for Criminal Justice System Responses to COVID-19 contains principles and recommendations for a public health-oriented approach to COVID-19 and has become increasingly relevant in light of increased arrests--including those of protesters across the nation--that are stifling efforts to maintain social distancing, reduce jail populations and use cite and release policies. Click for more.
Local and national civil rights groups, public defenders and public health officials demand New York State lawmakers pass legislation that prevents law and immigration enforcement access to COVID-19 contact tracing information.
A group of national organizations convened by the Center for HIV Law and Policy (CHLP) and led by CHLP and the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys developed this set of pathways for how criminal justice professionals can incorporate public health principles into their response to COVID-19, and maintain these approaches going forward to improve community health and safety.
On Thursday, May 21, CHLP's Amir Sadeghi appeared in the webinar Examining Black Women's Health at the Intersection of HIV, IPV, and the Criminal Legal System. The webinar was hosted by the Missouri HIV Justice Coalition and Reproaction and featured a conversation with educators and advocates on the impact of HIV and HIV stigma on Black women's health and well-being.

On Tuesday, April 21, the Equality Federation hosted a Legislative Action Center webinar, RISE to the Challenge: Advocating for Responsible, Inclusive Sex Education. Jake Schneider and Amir Sadeghi represented CHLP, joining presenters from SHYAC member organizations SIECUS and Black & Pink.


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