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Public defender organizations from four New York City boroughs joined with the National Lawyers’ Guild (NLG) NYC Chapter in a call to stop prosecutions for alleged violations of COVID-related executive orders, as well for offenses stemming from recent protests. In a letter to each District Attorney in the city, the organizations demanded dismissal of all open cases resulting from social distancing enforcement, noting that many of these cases remain pending although NYC DAs have stated intentions not to prosecute.

At the close of a Pride Month marked by historic demonstrations calling for the end of racial hate and discrimination, join New York Advocates for Sexual Health (NYASH) in calling out ignorance about sexual health that creates health barriers for many New Yorkers. The Center for HIV Law and Policy, Prevention Access Campaign, US PLHIV Caucus, Hetrick-Martin Institute, SMART, National Black Leadership Commission on Health, Callen Lorde and HEAT are joined by health professionals and community leaders in support of a bill proposed by Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal that would require a course in essential elements of sexual health common to every New Yorker as a condition of health professional licensing and continuing recertification.
This resource is a detailed but concise snapshot of the federal and state laws used to prosecute people living with HIV (PLHIV) including sex workers, viral hepatitis and other sexually transmitted diseases. The chart provides a much-needed national perspective on the variety of laws and range of penalties used to criminalize stigmatized diseases and identities in the military, and in all U.S. states and territories.
Proposed Public Health and Public Safety Pathways for Criminal Justice System Responses to COVID-19 contains principles and recommendations for a public health-oriented approach to COVID-19 and has become increasingly relevant in light of increased arrests--including those of protesters across the nation--that are stifling efforts to maintain social distancing, reduce jail populations and use cite and release policies. Click for more.
Local and national civil rights groups, public defenders and public health officials demand New York State lawmakers pass legislation that prevents law and immigration enforcement access to COVID-19 contact tracing information.


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