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In a study published in The Lancet in May 2016, “Near real-time monitoring of HIV transmission hotspots from routine HIV genotyping: an implementation case study,” public health workers quickly identified a cluster of drug resistant HIV cases and were able to get these individuals into care and stop "onward transmissions.” In this article about the study, public health commentators point out, however, the "potential for misuse of the data 'in criminal cases of HIV non-disclosure,' a concern that could result in individuals 'withdrawing from valuable studies and treatment databases'

This article by AIDS United looks at recent moves the by NIH and CDC to improve health outcomes for transgender people by close data gaps and improving HIV prevention efforts among transgender populations.
A cluster of cases in Hawaii have exhibited higher levels of resistance to the drugs used to treat gonorrhea than previously observed in the US.
A study of state departments of correction concludes that prisoners are not receiving vital hepatitis C treatment due to extremely high drug costs
CIRA's newly-published review summarizes 24 years of research on HIV criminalization.


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