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Teen SENSE Project Coordinator Pepis Rodriguez met with the New York State Interagency Task Force on HIV/AIDS (IATF) at their biannual meeting in Albany on November 15. Rodriguez advocated for comprehensive, medically accurate, and queer-affirming sexual health care and sexual health literacy programming, from culturally competent staff, for all youth under state care, such as those in juvenile detention or congregate care. IATF is composed of twenty-three state agencies, such as the Office of Children and Family Services, dedicated to the prevention of HIV and the care of people living wit

Missouri Court of Appeals rules that prosecutor’s impermissible “trial by ambush” strategy entitles Johnson to new trial.

President-elect Donald Trump campaigned on a promise to be the President of all Americans. Since the election, however, his appointed advisors and nominated cabinet members tell a different story. As citizens and caring members of multiple communities, we have no choice but to educate ourselves, to take action, and to speak out against appointments and policies that threaten the fundamental rights of any resident of the United States to life and liberty without unwarranted interference or threats of discrimination from the government.


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