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Chris Johnson
“In light of today’s decision, we believe that additional modifications to the state’s infectious disease law should be considered,” Schottes said. “Great strides were made through the law’s recent amendment, and we are hopeful that today’s decision—acknowledging the effectiveness of various HIV prevention measures—will fuel the Iowa Legislature’s clear desire to bring the state’s law fully up to date.”
David Pitt

"The court’s majority opinion written by Justice David Wiggins concluded intimate contact between Rhoades and the man he had sex with does not establish the necessary factual basis that an exchange of bodily fluid took place or that Rhoades intentionally exposed his partner in a way that could have transmitted HIV."

"In reversing Rhoades’ conviction and sending the case back to the trial court, the court specifically recognized that court rulings involving HIV must be rooted in demonstrated fact, not outdated assumptions about an individual’s ability, let alone intention, to transmit HIV." - CHLP
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