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News from the Positive Justice Project--read on for updates on state advocacy efforts from state working groups, and updates on the criminal case of Michael Johnson and others. For more information about PJP or the PJP Working Groups, contact us at pjp@hivlawandpolicy.org.
This United States map identifies states that have HIV-specific criminal statutes, and subsequent prosecutions, and states that do not have such statutes but have arrested or prosecuted people for HIV exposure or non-disclosure. The map highlights the more than 260 reported HIV-specific arrests and prosecutions that have occurred since 2008.
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Missouri Court of Appeals rules that prosecutor’s impermissible “trial by ambush” strategy entitles Johnson to new trial.
CHLP, in collaboration with the National Center for Lesbian Rights, has released this guide that explains the simple medical facts of HIV transmission and care, addresses the legal foolishness that discriminates against and imprisons people living with HIV, and gives solutions for anyone willing to act now to decriminalize HIV.
CHLP filed of a friend-of-the-court brief on behalf of Michael Johnson, a former Missouri college student sentenced to more than 30 years for violating Missouri’s HIV transmission and exposure statute. The brief argues that Missouri’s criminal HIV law is irrational and at odds with federal law that prohibits singling out a group of people for uniquely punitive treatment based on their identity or health status.
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CHLP announced a new partnership with the Human Rights Campaign and the National Center for Lesbian Rights to raise awareness about the harms of HIV criminal laws. The centerpiece of the joint campaign is a video about what these laws do, whom they target, and how they cause harm without any perceptible benefit.
This fact sheet is part of a larger effort to replace that ignorance with information about what is currently well-known about how HIV is and is not transmitted, and how modern HIV care has transformed the health and longevity of people living with HIV.
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Policy Makers, Formerly Incarcerated LGBT People and Advocates Tackle Discrimination, Abuses, and Disproportionate Rates of Incarceration of LGBT people and PLHIV


CHLP has compiled information on HIV laws in every state as they relate to HIV-specific criminal laws, guidelines for health care workers with HIV, youth access to STI testing and treatment, and HIV testing.

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